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Record Calls

1.99 usd

Record your calls in a pratic and easy way!• The record time is unlimited (on the full version)• Delete all the records at once.• Listen to the recordings through the application itself• You have the recordings in a compact form occupying only little memory of your device.• Have a practical and functional application on your device.• Send the recordings by email ( going to the root folder of the application).This application has the function to record all your calls, or just a few, as long as you select that option in the settings. The recordings are saved in a folder called "Gravador". The recording is completed, recording both the audio sender and receiver. This way, you always have a backup of your conversations.NOTE: APPLICATION IN PORTUGUESE, ENGLISH and SPANISH.
* Incompatibility exists on some devices like Nexus 5, Motorola Moto G.
IMPORTANT: Install the FREE version and test on your device, check that you can hear the audio from both the receiver and transmitter. For the FREE version, the recordings are limited on 20 seconds.OBS: If you want to record calls from an app, check if it work before you buy the aplication.Due to configuration, some devices can not perform recording in standard mode. So here's how to configure your device: